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Yoni: Providing Adoption Coaching, On-line Training, Resources, and Consultancy for those currently adopting or considering extending their family through adoption.

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You believe in adoption. So do I.

Adoption can be transformational. Children’s lives can be significantly improved by having a secure and long term family.

Adoption was a total transformation for me personally. I was the fourth generation of my matriarchal birth family to be born into local authority (state) care. I went to live with foster carers from birth. Fortunately for me my second foster family made a commitment to me. As an adopted person, it changed my life for the better, and I had opportunities which I would not otherwise have had. But it does also involve loss and trauma for the child and it is important that adopters understand this.

I have adopted two girls with my partner and I know the incredible pleasure, stress, joy, and satisfaction you can experience being an adopter! It will change your life if you apply to adopt, in the event it has not already!

I believe in promoting diversity in adopters, to match the range of children waiting for families, so I want to encourage anyone considering adopting to go for it! Diversity Adopt provides a range of resources, training, advice, coaching, and support for adopters both new and old to build their skills and abilities, to be the best parents they can be, for adopted children.

So please join us and our community to learn and build your resources in adoption.

With all good wishes. Yoni


ARE YOU THINKING OF APPLYING TO ADOPT, not sure where to approach?

We have a great guide to help you choose which ADOPTION AGENCY to apply to. This is such an important decision, that can set the tone of your experience, we provide helpful tips and sources of more information.

We have developed an on-line training course, for those considering adopting, or in the early stages of assessment.

Are you worried about adopting and wondering how you will cope?

Are you excited but concerned about parenting an adopted child who will have as a consequence experienced loss and trauma?


do you WANT TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE about adopting?

I have over 30 years experience working with children in care, adopters and foster carers. I am also an adopter of two girls now aged 19 and 17. I was trans-racially adopted and I am as a result a passionate advocate of informed adoption, when children and young people can no longer live with birth family. s someone not linked to any specific agency I can talk through with you the implications of adoption from an independent point of view.

I can give you an overview of the process, what to expect and what adoption agencies will be looking for in applicants.

BOOK an initial consultation phone call to see if I can be of service to you.



We are delivering free on-line training for adopters Let’s Play Relationship Based Play and increasing attachment for adopters of children up to the age of 8 years.

Learn how by investing half an hour 3 times a week with your child, build a more secure attachment between you and your new adopted child. This course will give you practical tools, ideas and strategies to entertain and more crucially engage with your child.

To attend the FREE Play Master classes. Please join either/both Facebook groups www.facebook.com/groups/ambitiousadopters. www.facebook.com/groups/LGBTQadoptfoster or Yoni Ejo Youtube.

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Diversity Adopt, an independent voice in Adoption, providing training, information, advice and building a dynamic community for adopters and applicants supporting diversity.