Diversity Adopt: About us

The new face of adoption

Diversityadopt.com is an independent resource for those individuals, couples and families considering applying to adopt. Also for those being assessed and currently adopting.

We passionately believe that adoption should be an opportunity presented to the widest range of adopters possible, not due to political correctness or equality but because it benefits the children and young people who need a family. They need the best possible families to be considered for them. This group should include people who come from every culture, background, who are disabled, able-bodied as well as lesbian, gay, trans and bisexual applicants.

Anyone who does not agree that everyone is equal and valuable should leave the site now, because they won’t agree or like it! However to everyone else this is safe and supportive space for all.

Rules of the site

1. We welcome engagement, comments and advice from adoptees, those involved or who hope to start the adoption process. We will however not tolerate any personal attacks or discrimination towards other users.

2. Please do not post pictures of your adopted children, this is an open site to engage with prospective adopters. And while you can consent on their behalf they may not wish to be portrayed on this in the future.

3 Diversity Adoption is a space to share positive advice and support with other adopters, adoptees and professionals.

4 Adoptees in many circumstances have experienced trauma and therefore have a right to expect adopters to be conscious not to add to this trauma.

Click here for a free guide ‘How to choose the right adoption agency to apply to’.

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