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Parenting a child who has had adverse experiences: for adopters

This course has been created for applicants to adopt and current adopters. It will help adopters understand the needs of adopted children of what ever age, and strategies to better meet their needs in the long term. It was created by me Yoni. I am a social work manager, adopter and a transracially adopted person. I believe when I adopted my two girls that I was woefully under prepared. I was not given the full range of tools, knowledge and confidence I needed in my family for the challenges and joys of adopting.

Fortunately our girls developed into bright able young women, but our lack of sufficient preparation I now feel caused difficulties that could have been avoided. It is in that light I am developing this online course. This will be around an hour long course.

I would love your thoughts about the course Outcomes below.

Draft Course Outcomes for Students

After taking this course students will:

1. Be able to describe the adverse childhood experiences adopted children may have faced.

2. Be able to describe the impact of trauma on adopted children.

3. Be able to describe why adopted children need better than ‘good enough parenting’, and the importance of birth family.

4. Be able to identify their own triggers when parenting.

5. List strategies they can use to remain calm and flexible as parents.

6. To describe the self care strategies and habits they will use to keep well and prosper as parents.

7. Be able to state the top 10 tips suggested by adopted young adults.

8. Be able list the PACE outlines. Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity & Empathy.

9. To develop a list of activities, strategies and approaches they will use in caring for their child to ensure they feel safe.

10. Will be provided a certificate to evidence their commitment to learning and to parenting to develop a secure and confident adopted child. Which can be shared with assessors and panels.

11. Will secure a list of resources for further study.

As someone who volunteered to offer your thoughts and ideas in the development of this course I would like to know, do you think this would be useful to prospective or new adopters?

Any thoughts on what would be covered, is it comprehensive? Anything that could be added? Is there too much in the course for an hour and a half training? Would you have found it helpful?

Thank you so much for your time and help.

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