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Survey for adopters and adoption supporters

Greetings fellow Adopter or adoption supporter!

I am passionate about the transformational role of adoption for children and their adoptive families. But I also know how challenging adoption can be. In fact I don’t personally feel as an adopter, I was sufficiently prepared for the role of a parent through adoption and I want to make sure that I can help others learn from my own experience.

I would love to know what you feel is your/the biggest challenges are in adoption? I would also like to learn a little bit more about you. Please would you fill out this brief form? This information will help me to prioritise which courses and services we should develop next, and what the challenges adopters face, that I could assist with.

We will be providing a range of courses for adopters, much of which will be free, and I hope that you will find them helpful, or recommend them to other adopters.

Please click on the link below to complete the form. The form will take you only a few minutes?

Click HERE to fill out the form

Thank you so much for your assistance.

Yoni xx

P.S. I really hope to see you in the Facebook group, Ambitious Adopters, Ambitious Adopters.

A community of adopters who are Ambitious for themselves, their adopted children and their whole family. Members want to be the most inspired nurturing and loving parents they can be.

Providing advice, support and regular information, we will empower each other, in a nurturing community. 

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