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Why are adoption and fostering my joint passions?

I was born the third generation of women in the state care system in the UK.  My birth mother had other children with her boyfriend, and then an affair with my birth father, a black American seaman. I did not live with her.

I went to live with respite foster carers who then asked if they could adopt me. This I know was transformational for me. I was provided safety, stability and security. I am very grateful to my adopted parents. They tried very hard to parent a child into a self determined and confident adult. I will be forever grateful to them for that.

However I really feel that they were not very effectively prepared for the child they took on.
I was the only black person I knew for many years really until my teens. They struggled to care for my hair (as did I, for many years!), and didn’t know about skin care I needed.

They struggled to help me to really understand about racism and discrimination. What this experience meant for me, was that after I adopted two girls with my partner I was determined to give them a different beginning in life. To have the chance to grow up in a city, around people who understood them. And within a strong and supportive diverse family. 

Having worked with children in care, foster carers and adopters for over 30 years (I really can’t believe its that long!) I want to share my knowledge and help others learn from the mistakes and successes I have had.

Why are you committed to Adoption and or fostering?

Do you wonder if your child will be a fulll part of the family?

Are you willing to invest an hour a week in building your relationship with your child?

Do you want the opportunity to really increase your skills and confidence in your caring role? Then why don’t you join THE RELATIONSHIP BASED PLAY COURSE?

Book now: NON BETA PRICE RISES TO $450/£400 after 30th December.

How Does A Course in RBP Work?

There will be 8 training modules in total, starting on 14th January 2021. Sessions will be delivered online. Each session will include 30-40 minutes of training and a 15 minute question and answer session.

In addition to training sessions, you can also sign up for online peer support sessions facilitated by Yoni and Keeley for an additional fee.

A work book to support the training that can used during and after the course will also be provided.

In order to progress you will be expected to dedicate two or three 20-30 minute play sessions each week during later stages of the course.

So sign me up! Sign up today to benefit from our Early Bird offer… Buy ‘A Course in Relationship Building Play’ now during the live launch at the significantly reduced price of £250. Normally priced at £350 *

Purchase button ADD TO CART And add Email address.

“Play allows us to develop alternatives to violence and despair; it helps us learn perseverance and gain optimism.” Stuart Brown MD.

*The course will initially be delivered as a live session, so Q&A sections will be live. Subsequent course delivery will be the recording of the live session, with all the corresponding documents.

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