Run by Beckie Shuttleworth, a meditation and Yoga teacher and child care specialist.

In the Ambitious Adopters and Foster Carers and LGBTQ adoptfoster Facebook group’s we have booked in a yoga class with her for children and their families at HALF TERM at 10.30am on Wednesday 17th February 2021. (For half an hour or so)

The class will be aimed at children and parents/carers are very welcome to join in and support them.

Adults who are going through the application process are also very welcome to join and get a flavour what of what she does, and how children can benefit.

Beckie is inviting all members to a scheduled Zoom meeting within the group.

Topic: Yoga for Kids – Yoni Ejo
Time: Feb 17, 2021 10:30 AM London

Beckie “I will offer ‘In class children will have fun moving their bodies, exploring their emotions and the world around them stories, songs and games”.

If you are interested in exploring more before this there is a session tonight too on her website.


If we get a lot of responses and people enjoy it she is kindly willing to offer a second session in the group on Thursday 18th February at 9pm.

So do join one of the groups link below if you haven’t already and take a little break from home schooling and entertaining your little ones, or big ones! With Beckie Shuttleworth.

Feb 17, 2021 10:30 AM London

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