Coaching: What can it do for me as an Adopter or Foster Carer?

Yoni: Adopter, Adoptee and Social Worker with 30 years experience.

The Benefits of a Coach

Coaching can offer adoptive and fostering parents the tools required to handle issues arising within the family unit. A coach can assist adoptive and fostering parents in building strategies to:

  • Learn better ways to respond to situations instead of being triggered
  • Create a calmer, communicative, and more stable family.
  • Learn ways to be a patient and kind parent, but also firm
  • Remain calm during each situation confronted during parenting
  • Provide the child attention and the tools they need to create their own solutions
  • Develop effective ways to communicate with children, at any age or ability.
  • Comprehend how the behavioral patterns and needs of children change as they grow
  • Improve the parent/child and sibling relationships

“The whole session was excellent. Specifically the  information I received  regarding the process gave me clarity and how understanding Yoni was when broaching sensitive subjects.” Dee

“Yoni is incredible. She has such an in depth and personal knowledge of the subjects that are close to our hearts and this is very apparent when talking to her as she is so passionate and knowledgeable. Our session with Yoni was incredibly enjoyable, she made us feel so comfortable, we sat down with a cup of tea, had a good laugh and she blew our minds with information we didn’t even think to think about”. Kayleah.

Are you navigating the adoption or fostering system? Do you want to welcome your child into your home and grow together?

What improves your confidence to apply to adopt or foster, preparing you for your journey, demystifying the process, and giving you clarity in your dream? 

Any guesses? One to one coaching with me: Yoni, an adopter, adoptee, and social worker of 30 years experience. 

It will give you:

Perspective on your strengths

Ideas for more research, experience, and knowledge

Safe space for reflection

Gain more insight into how children can benefit by living with you

I have 6 open slots for one to one/couple coaching with yours truly. In these session’s you will learn how to prepare for parenthood and panel and walk away with clarity and confidence in your future family life. You deserve to feel relaxed and prepared for parenting.  If you are ready to win, direct message me for more info. These spots are filling up fast so don’t wait. Cntact me below.

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