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Building Identity in your adopted child

Simon Benn joins us to discuss identity and how adopters can support their children. Simon is an adoptee sharing his learnings to empower adoptees.

He coaches adoptees so they can T.H.R.I.V.E. and shows adopters how to empower their children to T.H.R.I.V.E. too. So what’s T.H.R.I.V.E.?

Trauma release – overcoming adoption trauma

Healing – repairing emotional wounds

Resilience – bouncing back from setbacks

Identity – learning who we really are

Vision – mapping out the future

Enjoyment – loving life.

Simon is talking about building a child’s identity and confidence. He said “I was adopted at 5 weeks old, told before I was 2 and it went well. Adulthood was trickier – business worries & discovering that my childhood teddy bear from my birth mother at 40. Trauma kickstarted a learning journey and eventually sharing what I’ve learned about who we are and how we work. I coach adoptees so they can thrive and I show adopters how to empower their children to thrive too”.

Simon said “I was adopted at 5 weeks old and told so early I don’t ever remember not knowing. My childhood was good and adoption wasn’t an issue. At 40 I found out that my childhood teddy bear was gift from my birth mother. This caused a lot of anger and distress about being unloved which started me on a journey which eventually led me to do what I do today.

Simon Benn

Simon gives incites about adoption and how adopters can build their child’s resilience.

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