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Looking for a way to feel more confident caring for your placed child?

Are you a new adopter or foster carer?
Considering adopting but worried about how you will cope?
Wondering if the child will like you?
Will you be able to parent?
Or perhaps you are caring for a child who is challenging at present?

Would you like a roadmap to developing more confidence and skills to nurture your child in your family?

Membership will give you concrete strategies that would help you develop you relationship, communication and bonding with your child.

The membership would include:

*Sessions for carers discussions

*Community forum for support from other carers

*Regular live question & answer about issues you are facing with caring for your child

*Video training from us both

*Video training from invited experts.

*Even maybe packs of useful goodies to help you meet your child’s emotional needs

Keeley Craw Accredited Play therapist,  and I, Yoni Ejo, Registered Social Worker, Adopter & adoptee, work together to improve the lives of adoptive and foster families.

We believe that adopters and foster carers given the right tools can reduce and maybe even avoid many of the impacts and challenges children experience in their care as a result of their early years, loss and trauma.

During assessment and recruitment there is a lot of discussion about the difficulties and challenges and it can be really scary and intimidating. But in my experience there is limited discussion about the tools, strategies and

We were watching a really interesting training this week on building membership sites. It really made us excited about what we think we could offer you as foster carers and adopters. We wanted to ask your opinion about it. 

We are considering starting a paid membership program/site. We want to provide mindful adopter and foster carers’ support to meet others, to build their confidence, learning and skills. We plan that we would provide sessions for carers,  regular live question & answer and video training from us both and other invited experts. 

If there is interest in it we would like to develop a friendly, supportive and active space for carers and prospective carers. 

We are offering you the time limited opportunity to get in early to join as a founder member? 

Founding members will help us to create the most helpful space possible for carers and their families. Founding members who sign up this week will be offered membership at the lowest price possible, which is 20 dollars (15 pounds sterling) before it goes up to at least 30 dollars when we launch.  💵 This excellent price will be for the lifetime of your membership.  

We would love for you to join us. You are a really valued member of our community and we would welcome you joining us in this exciting development.

Interested? Leave a comment below? Or email me on

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