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5 Ways to Build Attachment in Your Adopted Child

Yoni Ejo Adopter, Adoptee and adoption coach

I passionately believe in the power of adoption and fostering. When children can not for safety remain with their birth parents. You must also because you are here!

In addition I have always loved crime thrillers. Particularly around true life crime, I enjoyed the who dunnit elements of it and seeing justice being imposed. 

But what it does often show is that sadly Justice can be far from blind. As you can see I was a bit of a serious teenager! Probably still am in many ways! But my interest in books and crime has totally left me with a passion for fairness and justice. 

This I think lead me to want to really help people, especially abused and vulnerable children. In my own experience I know an accident of birth (and social work) could have equally lead me to become a very different person with many fewer opportunities than I had living with my tranracial adoptive parents.  

I have worked in social work for 30 years and while I have hugely enjoyed my career I also at times got very frustrated with ‘the system’. Children and young people are individuals, and are not always seen as such 💔.

I really believe that adoption, training and support agencies often don’t have enough input from adopters, foster carers and young people in designing the support. And they are much too focused on carers successfully being approved, rather than their future life as a family. 

My partner Evelyn and I thought we were fully prepared to adopt! We had done the courses, read the books, we were well sorted, weren’t we!?! 

Well we didn’t know the half of it! We found out we were far from ready! Negotiating the feeling of teens already in the household as well as the needs of our new daughter, was hard. I often got it wrong. Then being assessed for a second child in very quick succession! PHEWW! While my partner was experienced in parenting two birth children, I managed sometimes only by trial, error and blind hope!

Fortunately our daughters turned out to be amazing, wonderful young women, but their mid teen years were hard on us all.  I am sure that it would have been easier on the family if I had known and Implemented what Keeley and I will be teaching in our next WEBINAR. 5 Ways to increase your child’s attachment to you. 

Keeley Craw is a qualified Play therapist, and parent who has worked with many different children in care. I have managed adoption recruitment, children in care and fostering teams. This personal and professional experience is why we are both so passionate about telling as many adopters or foster carers as possible what we have discovered. 

Children learn through play. They experience the world through play. And they can start to understand their own trauma and loss inherent in adoption through play.  So it is critical that as parents we speak the same language as our children do! 

We will be presenting on Friday 14th May at 7.30 PM UK time (GMT +1), 5 Ways to increase your child’s attachment to you. Places are booking up quickly. BOOK YOURS NOW.

An hour long the webinar will give you really practical ideas to build your child’s communication skills,  bonding and learning through the implementation of Relationship Based Play principles.  

Come and join us? We are practical, knowledgeable and friendly people and we want you to benefit from what we have both learnt in different ways!

Friday 14th May 7.30 PM UK time (GMT +1), BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW.

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