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Stress in Pregnancy, Parental Mental Health and the Impact on Child Development.

This week I spoke to Keeley Craw Counsellor, Play Therapist, and mother about trauma, parental mental health, and the impact maternal mental health issues can have on children. This is relvelent for many adopted and fostered children.

Studies put the figure at around 12-20% of women affected by anxiety and depression during pregnancy. This figure has beenfelt likely to be much higher in the last 15 months with the pandemic. Depression in the antenatal period has been associated with depression, ADHD, low IQ scores and behavioural difficulties in children. Studies also find that antenatal anxiety and depression can be a strong marker for depression in the post natal period.

So adopters and foster carers are likely to have to manage some of these difficulties in children. We also discuss strategies and approaches carers can utilise to help the child deal with the impacts of these issues. Watch this great session, for details.

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