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How my passion for fostering and adoption will help you.

I wanted to explain to you why I am so passionate about adoption, fostering and to make sure you are getting the best information to care for your child.

I realise now I was not well prepared for parenting or adopting and as a result I made so many mistakes. while no parent is perfect I know I could have done better if I had known more.

As a result I would love to be able to support you any way I can in your journey to bringing up your child to be a positive, confident adult. This video explains more.

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To help you survive the summer holidays I wanted to give you a chance to do some activities with your child together. As you know I am a huge proponant of play and leisure as a way to increase communication, bonding and attachment from your child. So we have arranged a great opportunity to do so!

​We have a wonderful chance to spend positive time with your child over the summer holiday, during the week of Monday 26th to 31st July. We have sessions with a range of activities for you and your child to do together. This is targetted at children aged, or functioning at 1 to 8, but is open to anyone, involved with adoption or fostering.

Sessions are only half an hour long so will keep your childs attention. Attend for all or them if you can but do come and join us on:

​Play Week

Monday 26th July at 11.30 AM We have Julie Kowaleski, music therapist, in Canada leading a music session utilising things you have in the house (unless you already have musical instraments to hand!)

Tuesday 27st July at 11.30 AM Melenie Hibbert mindset coach in Jamaica is leading a session on relaxation and building your little one’s confidence.

Wednesday 28th July at 11.30 AM Yoni Ejo (me!) will be leading a practical art session, to complete with materials you already have in the house, and not to make TOOOO much mess!

Thursday 29th July at 11.30 AM we are running a movement session with a teacher I am just confirming.

Friday 30th July at 11.30 AM Beckie Shuttleworth Yoga and former primary school Teacher based in the UK will lead yoga for children and adults, which I know will be loads of fun.

Saturday 31st July at 1.00 PM Play Therapist Keeley Craw will lead a play session to have fun as well as help your child learn.

So please do come, access is by joining one of the Facebook groups. The Zoom links will be available nearer the time. There will be a maximum capacity so please do register to book your place early.

Ambitious Adopters and Foster Carers

LGBTQ+ Adopters and Foster Carers

Would you benefit from more support?

Are you are currently caring for your adopted or fostered child, and want to increase attachment and bonding with your child? Get our Free Guide in harnessing the power of play. Use play to build relationships with your children implemented in less than an hour a week.


Would you benefit from having someone to talk through your adoption approval challenges?

Do you wonder how to prepare your children for the family adopting?

Are you wondering how you will adjust to the role?

or Are you currently an adopter with a child/ren, and would you like to speak to someone independent about your challenges?

I specialise in supporting applicants to adopt, people considering adopting or fostering trans-racially and those looking to increase their confidence, attachment through practical strategies and play. Book a free half hour compatability conversation. I would love to hear from you soon.

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