Considering trans-racially Adopting?

I am an Adoption Coach, Trainer and Adoptive mum of two teenage girls. I also grew up within a tran-racial adoption. My adoption was transformational for me. Three generations of my birth family had been brought up in childrens homes, and iI would have been the fourth if my foster parents had not decided to … Continue reading Considering trans-racially Adopting?

Caring for Your Child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Anna Knight, is a life coach helping women and non-binary people own their individuality, ditch their baggage and survive the storms life throws at them. She is also a podcast host of Navigating the Storm. Anna is a speech therapist ADHD and life coach. Anna provides really practical helpful advice to carers and parents of … Continue reading Caring for Your Child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Why do we think play is so important?

  Relationship Based Play I think we under appreciate the important role of play in our lives. And I think as the digital explosion gains pace, especially since covid, our ability and imagination to truely play has reduced. As adults we often think "I am too busy, too fraught or don't have the time".   But … Continue reading Why do we think play is so important?

5 Ways to Build Attachment in Your Adopted Child

Yoni Ejo Adopter, Adoptee and adoption coach I passionately believe in the power of adoption and fostering. When children can not for safety remain with their birth parents. You must also because you are here! In addition I have always loved crime thrillers. Particularly around true life crime, I enjoyed the who dunnit elements of … Continue reading 5 Ways to Build Attachment in Your Adopted Child

Looking for a way to feel more confident caring for your placed child?

Are you a new adopter or foster carer?Considering adopting but worried about how you will cope?Wondering if the child will like you?Will you be able to parent?Or perhaps you are caring for a child who is challenging at present? Would you like a roadmap to developing more confidence and skills to nurture your child in … Continue reading Looking for a way to feel more confident caring for your placed child?

Contact the benefits and challenges.

I strongly believe that contact can be challenging and also transformational. I am Yoni Ejo Adoption Coach, adopter and social work manager having worked with carers and children in care for over 30 years. I know contact can be one of the most challenging, triggering and stressful issues in caring for your children. I know … Continue reading Contact the benefits and challenges.

Building Identity in your adopted child

Simon Benn joins us to discuss identity and how adopters can support their children. Simon is an adoptee sharing his learnings to empower adoptees. He coaches adoptees so they can T.H.R.I.V.E. and shows adopters how to empower their children to T.H.R.I.V.E. too. So what's T.H.R.I.V.E.? ​ Trauma release - overcoming adoption trauma Healing - repairing emotional wounds Resilience - … Continue reading Building Identity in your adopted child

Recommended reading from other Adopters

Adopters and adopted people are always going to be the best source of advice and information, for new adopters. Diversity Adopt have collated a resource guide including books and media suggested by adopters. Research is an important part of your preparation for adoption and these books provide an excellent start to understanding the challenges, joys … Continue reading Recommended reading from other Adopters

Trans-racial adoption: Having “the talk”.

Black parents understand the need to have “the talk”. Many start to talk to their children at a surprisingly early age. These talks cover many things, including racism, discrimination, and how to minimise risks and try to keep themselves safe. The conversation black parents make sure they have with their children, especially boys, is one … Continue reading Trans-racial adoption: Having “the talk”.