Adopting can be stressful in the extreme. Therefore how can I build my resilience?

Photo by Pixabay on Many parts of the adoption process are stressful, frustrating and demanding. Waiting for a match seems like an age and then caring for your child can cause you to stress about how you are doing, as well as the demands created by your child. It is very important therefore to … Continue reading Adopting can be stressful in the extreme. Therefore how can I build my resilience?

Survey for adopters and adoption supporters

Greetings fellow Adopter or adoption supporter! I am passionate about the transformational role of adoption for children and their adoptive families. But I also know how challenging adoption can be. In fact I don't personally feel as an adopter, I was sufficiently prepared for the role of a parent through adoption and I want to … Continue reading Survey for adopters and adoption supporters

Racism still blights teenagers lives

Sarah Page senior lecturer in Sociology and criminality, Staffordshire University published a recent study on the experience of black British teenagers and racism. Watching the events in America it is often assumed that the UK does not have a race problem.   Sarah Page undertook a study evaluating the experience of black British teenagers, based in … Continue reading Racism still blights teenagers lives

Do Black Lives Matters? Some General Facts, and why all adopters should be concerned!

Adoption can introduce you to new worlds in so many ways. A whole new world in your family, a new world of learning and a changed perspective in life. If you are caring for a child from a different ethnic back ground this is even more the case.  Love is not and will not sadly … Continue reading Do Black Lives Matters? Some General Facts, and why all adopters should be concerned!

What are Special Education Needs?

Special education is the practice of educating pupils in a way that is tailored to their individual differences and special needs. There are four special educational needs and disabilities, (SEND) as defined by the Department of Education: Communication and interactionCognition and learningSocial, mental and emotional healthSensory or physical The 5 most common learning disabilities in … Continue reading What are Special Education Needs?

Help Your Child achieve.

Attendance is crucial but maintaining good attendance can be challenging for a child who has been adopted and may have experienced challenges at school.  To support good school attendance: Talk with your child about the importance of attending school regularly.Avoid booking family trips or doctor appointments during school hours.Make sure your child eats healthy foods … Continue reading Help Your Child achieve.

What is Therapeutic Parenting?

"I've never met a child who can't come to deep levels of healing". Dr Karyn Purvis". Deciding to adopt a child will require that you consider many things. How practical it is, what your skills are, and most crucially the impact of a child's early experiences. A child's history, even those incidents that occur before … Continue reading What is Therapeutic Parenting?

Planning and preparing for introductions

By Yoni Ejo, Founder of Diversity Adopt The process of planning and undertaking adoption matches can be very stressful and emotional. Wondering if it will go well and whether you have asked the right questions. This guide should give you some ideas of what to expect and questions to ask.  Activity days Many authorities offer … Continue reading Planning and preparing for introductions

The importance of Empathy in Adoption.

In the training for prospective adopters I am currently developing, I have discussed the importance of Empathy and the need to build your empathetic skills as an adopter. This is a fundamental pillar of the applicant’s preparation for the role of an adoptive parent. Expert Dr. Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston, … Continue reading The importance of Empathy in Adoption.