LIVE COURSE “Let’s Play!” An introduction Course in Relationship Based Play (RBP)

“It’s the things we play with and the people who help us play that make a great difference in our lives.” Fred Rogers. American television personality.

Yoni Ejo, experienced social worker and Keeley Craw bring you a 5 session course of relationship based play, for adopters and foster carers.

• Are you currently caring for a child or planning to adopt and nervous about how it will work out?

• Do you sometimes find it difficult to engage with your adopted child?

• Does your adopted child struggle with play?

• Do you find it difficult to play?

A Course in Relationship Based Play will help you to find a new value in play that can will enable you and your child to play confidently, develop your child’s confidence and ultimately strengthen your relationship. Play is the first language of a child so we assume that its easy for them to do, but for children whose lives have been punctuated by loss, abuse and neglect play can be a minefield. A Course in Relationship Based Play will help you to re-think play and give you new strategies to develop your knowledge of play and increase your skills. Feeling confident in play will enable you to engage with your child(ren) in playful ways that will help your relationship to flourish.

Who is RBP for?


Foster carers

Those intending to adopt or foster

People working with children who want to develop their play skills and knowledge.

What is covered during the course?

Over the three levels of the whole course we look at:

• The many facets of play and why play is important to relationship building

• Play in the context of the fostered or adopted child

• How to make play feel safe and enjoyable

• How to build play into your day

• How to build your child’s confidence though play

• How to develop a secure attachment through play

• How to strengthen your relationship through play

How Does A Course in RBP Work?

Let’s Play! Developing Relationships through Play Course is an initial 5 weekly live 20 minutes training with an opportunity for questions, occurring from 8.00 to 8.30. Every Thursday from Thursday 11th November. We are holding an introduction session on Tuesday 9th November.  

There will be 5 training modules in total. Sessions will be delivered online. Each session will include 30 minutes of training and a 15 minute question and answer session.

In addition to training sessions you can also sign up for online peer support sessions facilitated by Yoni and Keeley for an additional fee.

A work book to support the training that can used during and after the course will also be provided.

You will be required to dedicate two or three 20-30 minute play sessions at week during later stages of the course.

What can I take away from RBP?

• A confidence in your ability to play and to use your new skills to support your relationship with your child(ren)

• Documentation that can be shared with your adoption, fostering or matching panel as evidence of your commitment as a prospective parent.

• Evidence to support your willingness to building your life around adoption for the benefit of your adopted child.

• Increase your confidence in panel and matching meetings or in discussions with professionals

• Membership of the ASPIRATIONAL ADOPTERS Facebook group, a supportive community for adopters and prospective adopter

Who are we?

Yoni, MA, BA Hons is qualified social worker. Yoni was adopted as a child and is an adoptive parent of two beautiful teenage girls. She has been a social worker for over 30 years, working with young people in care, care leavers, both foster and adoptive carers. Yoni has been chief executive of a children’s charity and social work manager.


“Yoni was a professional, supportive and committed supervisor. Her support was endless to her team and her dedication was commendable” Maz Khan

“Yoni’s style was to be supportive but challenging in the right balance… Her input was always considered and the general view amongst my executive colleagues was that in a quiet way she asked the necessary and more difficult questions.” Chris Harrison

Keeley, PG Dip and BA Hons is a Play Therapist with 13 years’ experience of practice working with children residential care, adoptive and foster care and children in need or at risk who are still living at home or in kinship care. Keeley has also been a manager and area manager for a large organisation who provide school based counselling services. She also supports therapists in their own practices. Keeley has recently set up a private counselling practice focused on supporting women during pregnancy and the post natal period. Before training as a therapist Keeley was also an assistant social worker, a teacher and a project worker on a number of multidisciplinary teams focused on supporting children and families in crisis. Keeley has worked with children for over 25 years and is a mum of two young children.


 “Your insights into play have made such a difference to me and my child. We are both happier for it”. Mum of 6 year old child.

“I always thought play was just something kids did for fun but your training has taught me that there is so much more to play… and I can use it to make a difference.”

Our 28 day guarantee to you.

Within 28 days, if you feel you don’t get any benefit from our time together, and you have completed every assignment in the course, we will provide you with half an hour consultation call to review.  You will need to show that you have completed all the assignments and received feedback.

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The course will be delivered in the FREE Facebook GROUP   Yoni’s Facebook Group Ambitious Adopters and Foster Carers. Or Yoni’s LGBTQ Adopters and Foster Carers. You will receive information, training and community as a member. Professionals can watch on Youtube.

You will definitely get more out of the time if you can attend live and interact with the other carers but sessions will also be available within the group for two weeks later as recordings.

“Play allows us to develop alternatives to violence and despair; it helps us learn perseverance and gain optimism.” Stuart Brown MD.

*The course will initially be delivered as live sessions, so Q&A sections also will also be live.